Welcome to the site of Airflight Canada

  We are bringing a new philosophy to the travel agencies market, one that is supposed to build a real relationship between two business partners: you the customer, and us, the service providers. We take pride in doing a different job centered around the clients and their needs. In our experience too often the communication stops once the service has been purchased. We consider that this is not enough because the customer entrusted us with having their travel or vacation plan happily concluded. Many times new details are brought into the mix between the time of purchase and the actual travel. We always try to go the extra mile and do everything into our power to accommodate any new needs or requirements. Many of our services, that are charged by some other travel agencies, are offered for free to our customers because we believe that a satisfied customer is the only source for more customers and more business through returning clients or referred clients. We always treat our clients like new clients with all the attention, professionalism and dedication because our work is our passion and our pride.

  Please check our website for general information and feel free to call or e-mail us for your particular questions and travel or vacation needs. Please observe our operation times under the "Contact Information" page as well as our complete contact information.